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the red room

The Red Room magazine was a group project where we created a double-sided magazine inspired by the film director, artist and musician David Lynch. I was the creative director and photographer for the magazine, we took inspiration from Lynch's different work and created a unique concept exploring suburban life and fantasy. 

The Red Room magazines aim is to shed light on how precise life is in every day, the little details and fascinations that are never spoken about or shown. The anticipation and fear that one photograph can bring, transcending the normal lives of suburbanites into a dream-like fantasy that only the unconscious mind can uncover. By having interviews with everyday people, we will unveil the peculiarities and intricacies that are little if not at all spoken about in their life. With mind-bending visuals the merge reality and truth with a false universe the magazine is all about preciseness, that overspecifies the full spectrum of anticipation in reality. The magazine acts as a Dictaphone where each contributor can explore the depths of ordinary life.