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THE BLACKLIST is a unisex fashion magazine that discusses and celebrates, taboo and unspoken topics within the black community.

In this issue, the first-ever print edition, I am honoured and humbled to say that we have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing creatives who have shared, so beautifully their honest experiences and thoughts on the black community. Photographers, illustrators, writers and poets, this issue is an introduction to all the topics and brilliant people that The Blacklist aims to promote, encourage and share. We’ve interviewed a range of bright and fresh creatives; cultural producer Yewande Odunubi, Co-Founder of The Elephant Room Shanice Mears, multidisciplinary artist Rene Matic and illustrators Chante Timothy and Abelle Hayford.

The Blacklist is a publication that celebrates the taboo topics within the black community and this issue would not be possible without one key element of our mission statement, community. Without the amazing support we have received from the creative and black community this issue would not be possible. As the impact of Covid-19 physically separated us, it did not stop all the brilliant contributors reaching out and wanting to make this vision possible.